• Divorce Mediator, Certified
    Divorce Financial Analyst®
  • Regular contributor to national and financial media
  • Co-authored Divorce & Your Finances, for Wachovia Securities
  • Helped thousands of women take back control of their lives

Your divorce has cost you enough already. Join our DESIGN YOUR DESTINY ON-DEMAND, ONLINE COURSE! Led by Divorce Mediator and Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® Michelle Smith, during this guided eight-week journey, together we’ll organize your financial life, acquire the tools and education necessary to take control, and emerge feeling empowered, confident, and ready for an abundant, independent future. Learn more now or click here to schedule a complimentary one-on-one appointment with Michelle to answer your questions.

Michelle is

An engaged mentor

An accomplished coach for divorcing and divorced women.

A fluent advocate in boardrooms and courtrooms

Leverage decades of first hand experience in the legal and financial realities of divorce.

A compassionate divorce expert

A partner to help you navigate complex money issues in divorce.

Your outspoken ally

A candid voice who will help demystify money management with laser focus to get to the heart of the issues.

Kind words..


Thank you again for changing my relationship with money. I am so glad our paths have crossed.  You are so empowering and I already sit a little taller. I am excited and ready to become financially literate and take the driver's seat of my financial future.

Casey O.


One of the most inspirational aspects is the transformative impact of taking (back) control. Both the education you provide and seeing other divorced women living expansive, abundant lives, inspire me to step further and further outside of my scarcity mentality into more of a badass-boss-CFO mindset.

Margie J.

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