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Own your transition from divorce to financial independence

Your divorce has cost you enough already. Join our next DESIGN YOUR DESTINY EIGHT-WEEK ONLINE COURSE, beginning May 25! Led by Divorce Mediator and Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® Michelle Smith, during this guided eight-week journey, together we’ll organize your financial life, acquire the tools and education necessary to take control, and emerge feeling empowered, confident, and ready for an abundant, independent future. Space is limited. Learn more now or click here to schedule a one-on-one appointment with Michelle to answer your questions.


Introducing the Wife2CFO Program

Women often have unique financial planning needs. The Wife2CFO platform will help you:

  • Design your financial destiny while in the midst of a divorce negotiation, or transitioning out of divorce
  • Attain the tools and community interaction needed to safely and confidently navigate your financial future
  • Engage with the necessary coaching, guidance, and community, in order to design and drive your financial destiny
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Michelle Smith
Founder of Wife2CFO, and CEO of Source Financial Advisors

Meet Michelle Smith -
Your advocate, ally, and advisor

Michelle Smith, founder of Wife2CFO and CEO of Source Financial Advisors, is more than an advisor, she is a committed divorce expert who is on your side. Michelle has spent most of her 29-year career in the financial industry, navigating clients through complex, sensitive, and critical financial topics and issues.

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