What does it mean to be CFO of your life?

  • Financial vision and foresight
  • Willingness to take a calculated risk
  • Financial competency
  • Results oriented

Your divorce has cost you enough already. Facing financial matters directly breaks the cycle of confusion and fear around money that's common to divorced or divorcing women.  Work with Divorce Mediator and Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® Michelle Smith to navigate the complex matters of finance before, during, or after your divorce. Click here to schedule a complimentary one-on-one appointment with Michelle to answer your questions.

Wife2CFO offers a warm and responsive environment to help you learn how to manage your wealth, connecting you with a powerful community of like-minded women.

We believe in the power of financial literacy and a clear path forward, to transform each woman into her own CFO.

We know your challenges

  • Involved in the day-to-day household finances, but traditionally take a back seat when it comes to long-term financial planning
  • Often unprepared to deal with unique retirement and healthcare considerations
  • Eager to find an adequate support system and a sense of community
  • Responsible for the well-being of your children and loved ones

Design your destiny, the Wife2CFO way

The Wife2CFO platform is designed to take you through three phases of transformative growth, from which you can emerge stronger and better equipped to find financial security, and take care of what matters to you.

The Wife2CFO program offers

  • An engaged mentorship and coaching to help you face the significant emotional shift following divorce.
  • A way to break the cycle of negativity around your life and your finances
  • A remarkable network of inspiring and financially empowered women.

Grow your tribe and connect with a powerful community

  • Wife2CFO alumna represent a strong network of inspiring and financially empowered women united by shared experience.
  • Exclusive events offer opportunities to recharge, revitalize, and revisit personal growth in a supportive environment.
  • Enjoy an ongoing connection with the Wife2CFO community.

Join us!

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