Welcome to the Wife2CFO Group!

Congratulations on taking a significant step to unlocking your inner CFO! We look forward to you joining our Wife2CFO community starting with our October 13, 2020 eight-week online course. A few items to cover: (Please note -- you will receive all of this information via email as well).

Below is a link to schedule your 30-minute personal on-boarding call with Michelle the week of October 13th, a link to access our proprietary Wife2CFO Financial Organizer, and a link to Docusign.

About the Docusign and agreement: The Wife2CFO program is an offering from Source Financial Advisors, therefore a client agreement must be executed. Non-actionable information is also provided for your review and records.

First, click here to review and sign our client agreement via Docusign:

Click here to review Source Financial Advisors required disclosure documents.

Paying for the Course: After signing the agreement, you will receive an email invoice for $1,999 in order to pay for the 8 week program.

Schedule your on-boarding call for the week of October 13th here:

Download your Wife2CFO Financial Organizer here:
In preparation for our journey, please click above to work with a Personal Document Organizer. We feel this is a helpful tool for you to start organizing your very important financial, legal, and personal documents.

Accessing the Weekly Live Sessions: After your 30-minute on-boarding call with Michelle, you will receive via email links to join Sessions 2-7 on Zoom. Toward the end of week 6, you will receive a link to schedule your "It’s A Wrap" final call with Michelle in Week 8.

Your On-boarding Call: A description of your initial Week 1 Onboarding call is below. Michelle looks forward to warmly welcoming you.

Your 30-Minute Personal Onboarding Session with Michelle
"Paired with the diamond earrings of determination and capability, financial self-confidence is the best outfit in your closet". -Michelle Smith

Whether you wish to bust through past financial barriers, conquer lingering fears, or finally feel in financial control, this call will help you:

Set yourself up for success
Find your confidence
Identify past roadblocks
Articulate your desires and goals
Hit the ground running with an immediate boost of clarity and confidence

If you have any questions, please reach out to us at wife2cfo@sourcefa.com

We look forward to working with you soon!

All our best,
The Wife2CFO Team