Wife2CFO: Roadmap Walkthrough

Congratulations, you're here. So am I. And we're off. This is your Wife2CFO Roadmap walkthrough. 

Did you get your Wife2CFO Roadmap? 

First, decide if you're going to fill this out electronically or you're going old school and doing it pen and paper. If that's the case, press print on your PDF download. 

I want you to know something: Money can feel overwhelming for a lot of reasons. There is a trail of information, books and research that stretches from New York to California and back about why this is the case – and especially for women. 

But today we're not exploring the why. Just know you're not alone and we're here to change it. I liken this Roadmap to cleaning a closet. I've got that closet. I walk by that closet every day, sometimes weeks, months, maybe even a year. 

And I know I should clean that closet because every time I go in and I go to find something, I may know the neighborhood of where it is. But when I pull it out, five things fall on top of it. And there I am staring at my closet, getting messier. 

I have a choice. 

I can start to clean it that day or I can wait till I'm ready. 

You showed up. This means you're ready. This is your financial closet. We're cleaning a financial closet that's already in existence, we're reorganizing parts of it, or maybe we're building you a new one. This Roadmap is the start to creating and cleaning your financial closet. 

It is broken up into sections. Some sections are going to ask you to reflect and pause and write down how you feel, how you feel about your financial state now, how you want to feel about it in the future.

An important piece is identifying 3 areas that right now, you know… need attention! 

Maybe it's your budget, maybe it's investing, maybe it's being more efficient about bill paying. It could be as significant as making a major life change. 

Whatever it is, none of this guide is a quiz. 

And guess what? You can't fail. Don't judge yourself. I'm not judging you. Just start. Like I just said, Section 1 is about identifying your feelings and those 3 things that need your financial attention. Section 2 is all about bringing together all the information about the people and the vendors that make your house run. If you’re like me, I often have things in a lot of different places that I’m searching for. Some might be in an excel spreadsheet. Some might be in a notebook. Some might be invoices in a drawer. Some might be on post it notes. The point here is to grab all of this information so it’s finally in one place for you and your family to have immediate access to what makes your house run efficiently.

Section 3 is the “It Takes a Village” section. What does that mean? It's about creating your professional team when it comes to your finances. You need to be surrounded by a team. You may have part of that team in place. This exercise may get you to see you need some additional members of the team. Maybe some of the team needs to be replaced. Maybe you need to create a brand new one regardless of where you are on your financial journey. It does take a professional team for you to efficiently be the CFO of your life. 

OK, put on some good music. Maybe it's wine o'clock and maybe you should print one of these out and invite a girlfriend over who you think needs to do this with you. 

Laugh your way through it regardless of what you choose. Please carve out a chunk of time today to do this. It's only going to take a few hours. I'll check in with you soon and I'll see you in a few days.