Wife2CFO: Roadmap Check In

Hey, I'm checking in. I found you because I have your email address. This is where I offer encouragement if you need it, with a gentle nudge or a not so gentle nudge to keep going, pick up where you left off, or maybe just to start. We could be addressing some stumbling blocks here. It could be procrastination, frustration, you got interrupted. It could be you could not ask your spouse or your ex for some needed information. You could also be experiencing that feeling of picking up steam. You know what I call this? It's like when you hire a personal trainer to really embark on losing weight or getting fit. It's about accountability. It's about making an appointment. It's about showing up. You don't notice the results in one day. You don't even notice the results for one or two months. But what you do know is you feel different on the inside because you committed, you are accountable, you showed up and you know, you're about forward motion. I'd love to hear from you right now with your comments about how you're doing and what you're experiencing. You can email me directly and I will personally respond to your email. You may need a boost. And I call this “stories from your future self” because I've seen your future self. After 30 years of working with women like you, you may be the woman at home who is nervous to start the financial conversation because you get blocked out of it.

You may be able to start the conversation, but you can't stay in the conversation because you don't feel the confidence to go round one and round two. Maybe you keep encountering that common financial fight. I promise you, you go through this process and you dedicate yourself to this change and you will not only find your confidence to stay in that conversation, your daughters will be learning how to have it in the future. You may be the woman so busy in her career and at home that you don't feel that you've had the time to carve out to your finances. You follow this system and this program. You will have the time to commit to making your financial life as secure as your professional and home life. Maybe you're the woman that has that book sitting in her unwritten or maybe you want to turn into a business what has been called a cute hobby. Maybe you want to turn that philanthropic work to sitting on a board. I promise you, you commit to taking one, two and three steps in that direction, and the power surge you will feel from accomplishing that is like nothing you'll feel in your life. We're going to pick up where we left off with Section 4: My Finances. The purpose of this section is to identify our habitual behaviors when it comes to dealing with our money and how we're going to change that and what we're going to accomplish, how we're going to list things down.

I would recommend that you first do a dry run with this and either use a pencil or a separate copy and do one pass from memory. Then we can do a deeper dive and fill in the blanks. This may be the moment where you want to quit because trying to recover passwords or user IDs is frustrating for the best of us. I have personally shut a computer down and walked into another room frustrated because I forgot my password or user ID. What you need to realize, this is a financial deficiency. This is a universal issue. Sometimes a website just doesn't have a good user experience and you keep getting kicked off. Promise me you'll take an hour, you'll make an appointment with yourself and you'll sit down to try to reclaim these things that allow you to log into financial accounts. I give you permission to be pissed off but I don't give you permission to quit. If you're the woman who has not had access to this information or has not been allowed to have it, you stay tuned because I have a video dedicated to just this and it's huge. And if you sailed through this roadmap exercise, congratulations, you might be ready for the eight week course. Check it out with the curriculum on Wife2CFO.com. I'll check back in with you in a few days.