Top Divorce Negotiation Strategies

Learn the Top Divorce Negotiation Strategies in this webinar with Wife2CFO founder Michelle Smith, Katherine Miller, founder of Miller Law Group, and moderated by Elise Pettus, founder of the UNtied, a leading women's divorce community. Michelle and Katherine have 50+ years combined experience in the world of divorce, and want to share a few KEYS TO A SUCCESSFUL DIVORCE NEGOTIATION


1. Knowing what you want in a divorce settlement and why.

2. Investing the time and effort in preparing and planning for negotiation.

3. Negotiating with emotions instead of a calculator.

4. The need to understand, separate, and prepare for key components of a negotiation; the money, the legal strategy, and the emotions.

5. Leveraging the ‘guilt window’ in a negotiation. How long does it last and identifying the high impact issues.

6. Don’t be seduced, and use to your advantage the ‘let’s have coffee or dinner’ tactic by your soon to be ex.

7. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable in a divorce negotiation.

8. Refrain from the need to having to speak.