Here are some common questions (FAQ'S) I get about the course:

"Do I belong here?"

If you are lacking the organization, confidence, transparency, and know-how around your finances (no matter if you're married, divorcing, or divorced), then you 100% belong. Because if you're NOT already feeling clarity around knowing how your money is spent, invested, deposited, and/or where all the key financial information lives, how can you get into the driver's seat around things that affect how you’ll live for the rest of your life?  

"Can I afford it?"

You can’t afford not to. Yes, this course is an investment of time and money. Is it worth being armed with critical money management strategies at the end of the course, and actionable items that could save you from a serious financial faux pas that could cost you so much more in the long-term? Is it worth the peace of mind that comes from knowing you finally took a serious stride toward getting out of the financial fog? The cost of this course is the equivalent to a cup of coffee a day (ok…a premium cup) for about a year, but you get YEARS in return from becoming part of the Wife2CFO tribe! My answer is YES. I have seen the transformation time and time again. Information is power. And power is the catalyst to transform. 

"What exactly is included in the course?"

The entire course curriculum is outlined here, and explains exactly what’s included in the Wife2CFO online course.

"Do I need to show up live in every class?"

Absolutely not. I know how busy life is. The weekly online course is recorded and sent out within two hours of the live webinar, and I host office hours every single week, and also offer private sessions for clients should they desire. 

"What makes the Wife2CFO Design Your Destiny course better than others?"

I’ve worked with thousands of women who say I’ve helped them transform their life by being in control of their finances. My methodology, my 30 years of experience, and my success in helping women bring about a true shift in how they view and manage their finances is reflected in this course. This course is a sanctuary; it is live,; it’s ME, and I show up each and every single day! By joining this very intimate setting, you’ll feel and be treated like my private clients.  


“What if my husband/ex is not keen on giving me financial information?"

That’s my claim to fame. I know how to work around that very thing. I’ve got you! 

I notice the company name Source Financial Advisors on the website and marketing materials, what is that?

Wife2CFO is an offering from Source Financial Advisors, an SEC registered investment advisor (RIA). It is our obligation to disclose this information to you. When you become a Wife2CFO client, it is required for you to sign a legal client agreement, in order to establish the formal and accountable relationship with you operating in full transparency.