Are You Ready to Go from Wife (or soon to be ex-wife) 
to CFO of Your Finances?

Join this Complimentary, One Hour Crash Course Webinar with Certified Divorce Financial Analyst Michelle Smith
Designing Your Financial Destiny During & After Divorce

60 Minutes of Michelle Smith's Top Tips and Secrets on How to Turbo Charge Your Financial Clarity and Confidence During and After Divorce

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Are you negotiating a high-stakes divorce, or are recently divorced or widowed, and need a fierce advocate to help you through the financial fog?

Learn about the Wife2CFO platform and founder Michelle Smith in this Complimentary One Hour Webinar
Designing Your Financial Destiny During & After Divorce

The Webinar Will Explore...

  • “When Your Portfolio Becomes Your Paycheck:” How to know how much money you can safely withdraw when child and spousal support end
  • Understanding how a budget is not about cutting back on life's pleasures, it's about eliminating reckless spending
  • Why asking for an annual cost of living adjustment can produce better financial stability in the long-term
  • Demystifying financial jargon that mentally prohibits you from taking a seat at the financial table
  • Why “doing the math” on items of dispute will help you make better decisions around when to dig in and when letting it go might be the better way
  • Why the risks in your life are different than what you think
  • Short term strategies to set you up for long term investing success
  • Identifying investment behaviors that can derail your plan
  • And more!

What Participants Say About the Wife2CFO Program...


One of the most inspirational aspects is the transformative impact of taking (back) control. Both the education you provide and seeing other divorced women living expansive, abundant lives, inspire me to step further and further outside of my scarcity mentality into more of a badass-boss-CFO mindset.

Margie J.


Thank you again for changing my relationship with money. I am so glad our paths have crossed.  You are so empowering and I already sit a little taller. I am excited and ready to become financially literate and take the driver's seat of my financial future.

Kasey O.


I’d heard about Michelle’s Wife2CFO course. I thought getting female-focused financial education during my transition would be enriching. It turned out to be an incredibly empowering decision... My overall confidence has really increased, which bleeds over into other areas of life too. The course has had a profoundly positive impact in a way I hadn’t anticipated.

Christine S.

Margie J., Kasey O., and Christine S. are current clients of Source Financial Advisors, LLC. These testimonials were selected by Source Financial Advisors, LLC from several given, and therefore, these testimonials are not representative of all Source Financial Advisors, LLC clients. For a representative sample of testimonials, please click here.


Meet Michelle Smith, your new friend, ally, and tough-love money coach.

Founder Michelle Smith brings her 16 years of financial divorce expertise as a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA®) to the Wife2CFO program -- a customized coaching sanctuary that's designed to transform women's mindsets and financial future.

As CEO of Source Financial Advisors, Michelle has vast experience navigating clients through complex, sensitive, and critical financial topics and issues. She is a passionate advocate for women’s financial literacy and has helped thousands of women understand their financial options as they take control of their own destiny.

Michelle is a regular contributor to national and financial media and co-authored the book, "Divorce and Your Finances," for Wachovia Securities financial advisors.

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Michelle Smith and Wife2CFO

  • Divorce Mediator, Certified Divorce Financial Analyst®
  • Regular contributor to national and financial media
  • Co-authored "Divorce and Your Finances" for Wachovia Securities
  • Helped thousands of women understand their financial options as they take control of their own destiny.


Wife2CFO's mission is to ensure that women are no longer shackled by perilous social conditioning that assumes that family finances are a 'man's domain.’ Wife2CFO offers small-group coaching to give women the clarity and confidence needed to successfully break through existing barriers and assume a leadership position in designing her financial future. Additionally, Wife2CFO offers white-glove personal services for helping women going through a divorce and women who are recently divorced. 


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